Our team at Seaton Sluice


Our GPs are happy to see patients with any conditions, some have more experience in certain areas and may have certain extra responsibilities which are detailed below.

Dr Becky Wright MBBS (1996)

Lead GP for asthma/COPD

Dr Sarah Jones MBBS (1995)

Contraception including Coil insertion

Dr Aamir Munir MBBS (1996)

Spinal conditions

Dr M Al-Karaghooli

Dr John Warrington MBBS (1996)

A director of Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group

Dr Barney Rookwood
Dr Leila Lundean
Dr Nicole Mclean
Dr Jasbir Bumbra Degree of Medicine, Degree of Surgery
Dr Andrew Shanks
Dr K Tse
(MBBS Newcastle 2015, MRCP 2017, MRCGP 2020)

The members of our Nursing Team are:

Nurse Practitioners

Alison Munir
Diann Neal – Trainee Nurse Practitioner

Practice Nursing Team

Lynne Chapman
Chloe Gallagher
Sarah Robson
Lynne Tilley
Lesley Williamson

Healthcare Assistant Team

Hayley Callf
Suzanne Dillon
Fiona Stoddart
Michelle Lovelock

Further information on our nursing services can be found here.

Further information on our nursing services can be found here.


We have a dedicated team including secretaries, Receptionists and Administrators. To ensure that they can assist you as efficiently as possible they may need to ask for further details or check information in your medical records when you telephone the surgery. They are available to help you during surgery hours either by telephone or at the front desk and are bound by the same rules of confidentiality as the doctors and nurses.

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