Valens Extended Access Hub

What is the Valens Extended Access Hub?

The hub operates outside of your GP practice’s opening hours. It is run by Valens Medical Partnership’s multidisciplinary team of health professionals and offers a limited number of same-day appointments with GPs and Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs). Pre-bookable practice nurse appointments are also available every weekday evening and on Saturday mornings.

Opening times

From 30th March 2020 our main branch sites at Brockwell, Lintonville and Wellway will be closing at 6pm each day.

We are also suspending our extended access weekday hub service, our Saturday morning service at Lintonville will continue for the time being.


Who runs the hub?

Valens hub services are run by Valens Medical Partnership. Our extended access hub service is part of a national NHS programme to enable NHS patients to access primary care services in the evenings until 8pm and at weekends.

The hub is staffed by clinicians from Valens Medical Partnership’s three local practices. They know Valens patients well. All records of consultations are passed back to a patient’s home practice in real time through our integrated clinical systems.


What appointments are offered?

Any registered patient from Brockwell, Lintonville and Wellway practices can book a telephone consultation with a GP or Advanced Nurse Practitioner or pre-book a clinic appointment to see a practice nurse. They have full access to your patient record (subject to you giving your consent for this – click here to see how we manage your information).


What we offer

Routine GP/ANP care for those registered with a Valens Medical Partnership practice, including:

– All physical and mental health problems

– Reviews for pre-existing conditions

– Tests and referrals to specialist care

Comprehensive nurse care, including:

– NHS Health checks

– Contraception and sexual health

– Cervical smears


What we don’t offer

– Any services after 8pm. Outside of these times you can access Out of Hours services via 111.

– Home visits. Patients who wish to request an urgent home visit after 6.30pm should contact 111.


Will my medical record be accessed?

Valens Medical Partnership regards the confidentiality of patient information as core to the work we do, but recognises we have a duty to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with colleagues to maintain and improve care. Valens’ extended access hub has an information sharing policy in place based on implied consent to enable patient information to be shared across our three local practices at Brockwell, Lintonville and Wellway. This enables all Valens health professionals to provide direct care through our extended access service.

You will be reminded of this policy when booking an appointment at the extended access hub and asked to give consent so that your full patient record can be accessed during the hub consultation. Your hub consultation will be saved into your record, along with any prescriptions, referrals or further action, so that your usual GP is kept up to date.

If you expressly tell us that you do not wish your information to be shared in this way, you will be informed of any increased risks to your health resulting from this decision. The decision and any advice given will be clearly recorded in your clinical record.


How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by simply calling your GP practice during its usual opening hours, Monday to Friday.

Outside of these times, NHS 111 will continue to help you with your needs. If it is determined that you need to be seen and there are appointments available that evening, NHS 111 will liaise with the hub service to arrange an initial telephone consultation with one of our clinicians at the hub. When the hub service is closed, you should contact NHS 111 as normal.

To access the same-day hub service on Saturday mornings between 8am and 12 midday, patients can call the hub reception team directly on 01670 812772.


Getting There

Our hub clinics are based in our existing GP practices in Ashington, Cramlington and Morpeth. Your GP practice will give you details of where the hub is based when you contact them for an appointment.


Further Information

Further details about extended access and data protection can be requested by contacting your practice.

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