Brockwell Medical Group
01670 737283

Seaton Delaval
0191 237 5458

Seaton Sluice
0191 298 0901
Lintonville Medical Group
01670 812772
Wellway Medical Group
01670 502333

01670 860212

01670 515326

01670 816921

Why choose Valens?

The Valens Medical Partnership offers a shared administrative and management structure, cutting down the time doctors have to spend on admin to release more time for patient care. Within the Partnership we have the resources to develop innovative services and effective partnerships with local hospitals and care services and can access new funding streams that are only available to large GP organisations.

That means more choices and a quality service for patients, a secure future for the local surgeries they rely on and security and job satisfaction for our committed and capable doctors and practice staff.

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