Anima – Our New Online Appointment System

Valens Medical Partnership is pleased to announce an update to our online appointment service. On Thursday 28th September 2023, we went live with Anima, a new system which has replaced eConsult.

Anima allows our Navigation Team to continue to improve access times by helping us to direct you to the most appropriate care for your medical needs. This ensures we make use of our resources in the most safe and efficient way. All appointments will continue to be offered according to clinical urgency and need.

We would encourage all patients who can do so to use Anima, as this will prevent you needing to queue on the telephone and keep lines free for those who have require same-day treatment or cannot access our online services. Completing an Anima request yourself also provides you with more discretion should you prefer not to discuss your medical problem on a telephone call with our care navigators.

You will be able to register now and submit your requests. We encourage all patients to either use their existing NHS login, or make an NHS login by following this link:

We have listened to patient feedback and hope you find Anima easier to use. We are really excited about this change and the benefits it will bring to all our patients and staff.

What are the benefits to me as a patient?

As a patient you will benefit from:

· Being able to log on to see the status and outcomes of your current and past requests.

· You will be asked questions based on your condition

· You can use the system in a number of languages

· Your medical records will be more complete for the future

· The practice responses will be clearer

· You will receive a text message and email to let you know when the practice has responded

· You can provide all the information that the practice needs without waiting on the phone

How to submit a medical request

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