Brockwell Medical Group
01670 737283

Seaton Delaval
0191 2375458

Seaton Sluice
0191 2980901
Lintonville Medical Group
01670 812772
Wellway Medical Group
01670 502333

01670 860212

01670 515326

01670 816921

Join a Valens practice

The map below shows which of our practices cover which areas. Click on your region on the map to check your postcode is eligible.

Some postcodes do overlap – if you are unsure which practice to join please call us on one of the numbers below to discuss your needs:
Brockwell        01670 737283
Lintonville       01670 812772
Wellway          01670 502333




If you would like to register with us please bring a form of ID e.g passport, driving licence, utility bill or medical card to the practice of your choice. Children do not need to do this as long as at least one parent is registering with us.

Click one of the links below to download and print a Registration Form to fill in before you come to the surgery.
New Patient Questionnaire for Adults – Brockwell Medical Group
New Patient Questionnaire for Adults – Lintonville Medical Group
New Patient Questionnaire for Adults – Wellway Medical Group
New patient Questionnaire for Children – All Sites

Click here to download and print a form with details about your medical history and any medication you may be taking.

Completing these forms ensures we can help you in the surgery more efficiently before your medical records arrive.

On registering with one of our practices you are offered a new patient medical with a practice nurse.

All patients, including children, are allocated a named, accountable GP who is responsible for their overall care at the practice. This is referred to as your ‘Usual Doctor’. You should be informed of your Usual Doctor when you register, but you can also check who this is with any member of staff at any time. We encourage you to see your Usual Doctor where possible, particularly for ongoing problems, so we can provide you with better continuity of care. If he/she is fully booked, you can ask for another doctor. We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests to change Usual Doctor.

We are happy to see patients who are temporarily staying in one of our practice areas should medical advice be required. Those wishing to be treated need to state that they are a “temporary resident” when reporting to reception where you will need to complete a temporary resident registration form.

Click here to download and print a Temporary Resident Registration Form.

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