For information please be aware that you do not require a fit (sick) note for staying off work due to having to self-isolate or because you are in a vulnerable group who has been advised to ‘shield’ (not leave the house) for 12 weeks.

“From Friday 20 March onwards, those who have COVID-19 or are advised to self-isolate will be able to obtain an “isolation note” by visiting NHS 111 online and completing an online form, rather than visiting a doctor.
For COVID-19 cases this REPLACES the usual need to provide a “fit note” after seven days of sickness absence.”

This guidance has been developed to relieve pressure on general practice so that we can focus on providing care to those who are unwell during this time.

If you are self-isolating because of COVID symptoms or because of a household contact you can obtain a self-isolation note for 7-14 days from the NHS 111 website.

You can obtain more than one isolation note if your symptoms are persisting and guidance about when you can return to work can be found here too.

If you have been unwell with COVID symptoms and your employer has asked for further evidence or a FIT (sick) note then you can print off a copy of the letter below for your employer.

COVID Fit Note

A GP DOES NOT have to issue a FIT note or provide evidence of your self-isolation.

If you are unwell and need medical advice about ongoing COVID symptoms, or you still have symptoms after 21 days please visit NHS 111 online or contact your surgery.

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