Clinics at Lintonville

Antenatal Clinics

Midwife-led clinics are on a Tuesday (PM only) and all day Thursday by appointment only.

New Pregnancy?

You have to attend an Early Pregnancy session, which is every Monday 9.15am at Ashington Children’s Centre. After you have been to an Early Pregnancy session they will make you a Booking Appointment with a midwife again at Ashington Children’s Centre, every Tuesday & Wednesday.

Ashington Children Centre
Alexandra Road
NE63 9EF

01670 819988


Postnatal clinic

The postnatal clinic is run by Dr D Wall, who will provide advice on contraceptions, smears (if due) and any problems you may be experiencing following the birth of your child. Speak to reception for an appointment.



Asthma clinics are held by the Practice Nurses who will go through inhaler techniques, medication changes and lifestyle advice.


Diabetic clinic

The clinic is run by the practice nurse however, patients have an initial check with one of our Health Care Assistants who will then book you in with a Practice Nurse who will go through your results and provide any medication changes and lifestyle advice.

Patients also have an annual eye check from local optometrist and foot checks from a community podiatrist. They may see the dietician for dietary advice.


Ear care clinic

Our ear care clinic is held on Wednesday afternoons and is run by our District Nursing Team. They can provide advice regarding ear care and if need be can provide ear suction.

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